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After a long day of hard work we all look forward to a relaxing on our beds for at least 8 hours at night.

Mattress and Bed cleaning

  • We all need our sleep to rejuvenate and fill our energy after a day of hard work.
  • However there things that hamper our sleep and comfort, that’s a dirt mattress and uncomfortable one.
  • With an effectiveness of the clean mattress you can avoid dirt, bacteria, allergens and mites making a home in your mattress.
  • We always advise to clean the mattress regularly and cover your mattress to protect it from tear an wear which keeps it clean and new in appearance.
  • It takes 3 hrs for the mattress to dry outside and 5hrs inside.
bed cleaning
bed cleaning


We help our clients in cleaning services within Nairobi and outside Nairobi and our goal is to always satisfy all the clients that we serve across the country.
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We always make sure our client are satisfied with
the work we have done and they happy on seeing the results.

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Detailed Cleaning

We utilize our specialized detailed cleaning, making sure everything that we clean is to perfection.

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Always on Time

We always keep time, we never disappoint our client and punctuality is always our priority.

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We keep cleanliness to the top to make sure our clients have confidence with us. We always promise to keep their places clean for healthy living.