What We Can Offer You Under this Service

Couches are the most sensitive furniture’s we have at our homes. It’s where we seat as we watch TV or entertain our guest. This leads to accumulating a lot of dirt’s, stain, bacteria’s, fungus and also bad odor. This may led to healthy problems like allergens and respiratory diseases.

Couches Cleaning

  • To avoid all this we advise our clients to clean the seats regularly and also prevent tear and wear of the couch.
  • By cleaning regularly it helps to keep the couch clean and new in appearance.
  • It takes up to 1 to 2hrs to clean the couches depending on the condition of the seats.
  • It also takes 3hrs while drying outdoors and 5hrs being indoors.


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We always make sure our client are satisfied with
the work we have done and they happy on seeing the results.

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Detailed Cleaning

We utilize our specialized detailed cleaning, making sure everything that we clean is to perfection.

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Always on Time

We always keep time, we never disappoint our client and punctuality is always our priority.

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We keep cleanliness to the top to make sure our clients have confidence with us. We always promise to keep their places clean for healthy living.